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Photography Composition Tip – Composing a Photo in the Field

Tool to Aid Photography Composition

This simple tool will help you visualize your photo composition and choose which focal length lens you need to capture the best photo composition.

4 Steps to Removing Color from a Photograph

4 Steps to removing color from a photograph

Learn to use Photoshop CS5 to remove color from part of a photograph for an artistic effect.

Colorizing Black and White Photos in 5 Steps

Colorizing a Photograph in Photoshop

Five easy steps to adding color to a black and white photograph in Photoshop CS5.

Photographing Meteor Showers

How to Photograph Meteor Showers

Tips for photographing the Perseid Meteor Shower, including shutter speed and camera settings for shooting the meteor shower.

Tips for Photographing Horseshoe Bend

Photographing Horseshoe Bend near Page, AZ.

Horseshoe Bend is a fantastic site for great landscape photography. The challenge is fitting the entire scene in the camera frame.

2012 Landscape Photography Calendars

2012 Landscape Calendar

2012 Landscape Calendars go on sale Nov 1st! There’s only one calendar design this year, and these will go fast! Don’t wait to place your order.

The Narrows Photography

Photographing the Zion Narrows in Utah

The Narrows is beautiful place for landscape photographers. It’s a challenging hike and a challenging place to photograph. Here are some tips for photographing The Narrows.

Photographing Antelope Canyon

How to Photograph Slot Canyons - Antelope Canyon Photography

Each part of the canyon wall that curves, juts or cuts in a different direction will capture a different tone of light. That’s why it’s possible to get deep purples and bright yellows in the same image without any digital manipulation.

Creating a Photo Montage with Photoshop

How to Make a Photo Montage in Photoshop

5 easy steps to photo montage in Photoshop CS 5.

Using a Clipping Group to Put a Photograph into Font

Using Clipping Paths to Put an Image into Text

This easy tutorial will show you how to put images into text for use on a website, flyers, post cards . . . anything!

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