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Create a Photoshop Collage in 5 Quick Steps

Creating a Photo Collage in Photoshop

Layer Masks are a great, non-destructive, tool for creating a photo collage in photoshop.

Nondestructive Editing with Smart Objects

Smart Objects: Vector v Raster

Smart Objects are a great tool for nondestructive editing.

Camera Meters and Selecting a Meter Mode

Camera Meter Modes

In-camera meters measure the light reflecting off your subject and determine the camera setting that would result in middle grey (also called 18% grey). There are several different types of in-camera meters. The four most common are . . .

Bulb Setting on SLR

Bulb Setting on Camera

The Bulb Setting on your camera allows you to hold the shutter curtain open for as long as you like. It’s typically used for exposures longer than 30 seconds.

Fun with Bokeh

Bokeh Photography

Bokeh is the out of focus area in a photograph. I’m not going to go into the technical parts of bokeh. Instead, I’m going to look at a fun way to play with bokeh in your photography.

All About Lens Flare

Annular Eclipse Photo with Lens Flare

Lens flare can be an unplanned challenge when shooting, but it doesn’t have to ruin your photograph.

Exposure Bracketing

What is Bracketing in Photography?

Learn how to bracket exposures to ensure getting the best photograph.

Digital Camera Back up Storage Devices

Portable Back Up Storage for Photography

When you’re on a long trip and taking a lot of photos, storage becomes important. One option is a portable data storage device – think external hard drive meets card reader.

Dry Mounting versus Matting

There are number of different methods for readying a print for hanging. Here, we’re going to touch on three of the most popular methods: Dry Mounting, Conservation Mounting and Box Mounting.

5 Ways Depth of Field Preview Can Save Your Photograph

Depth of Field Preview

When composing a photograph, it’s important to know what elements are in focus and what aren’t. That’s where the Depth of Field preview button helps!

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