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Control Depth of Field in Your Photographs

Control Depth of Field in Your Photographs

Depth of field is one of the most important aspects of creating fine art photographs. The exposure triangle teaches us that we can adjust our shutter speed and our ISO to balance any changes we make to our Aperture, enabling us to create our desired depth of field. There are times, though, when you’ll find
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Positive and Negative Space in Photography

Positive and Negative Space in Photography

Positive and negative space is an important element to photographic composition. Let’s define positive and negative space and look at examples.

Photography Composition and Framing Study

Photography Composition and Framing Study

Of these 5 photographs, there’s only 1 that I like – and it’s not the first one. It’s not even the second one. Let’s critique my work to learn about composition and design elements.

The Decisive Moment

Decisive Moment in Photography

Intuition and visualization are key to pursing the decisive moment in your photography. Henri Cartier-Bresson, father of photojournalism, introduced the decisive moment to photography.

Ansel Adams on Visualization

Ansel Adams on Visualization in Photography

Ansel Adams discusses Visualization: The Art of Seeing a Photograph, in these 3 essential steps to making a photograph.

Photography Composition Tip – Composing a Photo in the Field

Tool to Aid Photography Composition

This simple tool will help you visualize your photo composition and choose which focal length lens you need to capture the best photo composition.

Composition Tip: Zero In

Zero in - get closer when taking photographs

When you’re shooting nature photography, you have to constantly be aware of the salad bowl effect.

5 Tips to Improve Your Photography

These compositional tips may be helpful in making the subject stand out.

Photographic Composition: Framing

Using Natural Framing in Photography

Framing is a powerful compositional element. Not to be confused with the frame you put around your printed photo before hanging it on the wall. This is the type of framing that you do when you take the photograph.

Photographic Composition: Change Your Perspective

Photo of the author laying on the ground to take a photograph from a different perspective.

Often times, a small change in composition can make the difference between a photograph that’s just okay and a photograph that’s really great. One of the simplest ways of doing that is to just Change Your Perspective.

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