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How to Read a Histogram - Rusted Jalopy with Histogram example

The Histogram is a bar graph that shows what tones are in your photograph. Learn how to read histograms and use them to improve your photography.

How to Photograph in the Snow

How to Photograph in Snow

Snow is one of those situations where you can’t just grab your camera, set it to automatic and hit the ground running. Not to fear, with a few simple tips, you’ll be all set to photograph in the snow. How to Photograph in the Snow Overexpose Your Images The most important advice I can give
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Shutter Priority

What is Shutter Priority and How to Use Shutter Priority

Last week, we talked about Aperture Priority. Now, let’s look at Shutter Priority. Shutter Priority enables you to set your shutter speed while the in camera meter will continually change your aperture (f/stop) to achieve a good exposure. This setting could be helpful for a variety of reasons. Suppose you’re shooting sports, your kids playing,
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Aperture Priority

What is Aperture Priority and How Do You Use Aperture Priority?

Do you want to have more control over your exposures but are overwhelmed with shooting manually? The Aperture Priority setting is just what you need. Aperture Priority is the second most used camera setting on my Canon 5D Mark II. My usual setting is Manual, second choice is Aperture Priority and my third most frequently
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Drag the Shutter

How to Drag the Shutter

Using flash is one of the harder aspects of photography to master. On camera flash creates a very harsh light, causing harsh shadows and bright highlights. It also falls off quickly. Meaning, it’ll light the foreground but your background will remain dark. I’ve found that the best way to learn flash is to make it
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How to Create an HDR Image

What is HDR High Definition Range Photography?

What is HDR, high dynamic range photography, and a beginners tutorial on how to create an HDR image in Photoshop – from taking the photo to the final image.

The Sunny 16 Rule and Other Camera Exposure Rules

The Sunny 16 Rule and Other Camera Exposure Rules

The Sunny 16 Rule is not just a rule for your Grandfather’s generation. Learning these old photography rules will teach you how cameras and exposures work.

Camera Meters and Selecting a Meter Mode

Camera Meter Modes

In-camera meters measure the light reflecting off your subject and determine the camera setting that would result in middle grey (also called 18% grey). There are several different types of in-camera meters. The four most common are . . .

Bulb Setting on SLR

Bulb Setting on Camera

The Bulb Setting on your camera allows you to hold the shutter curtain open for as long as you like. It’s typically used for exposures longer than 30 seconds.

Exposure Bracketing

What is Bracketing in Photography?

Learn how to bracket exposures to ensure getting the best photograph.

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