Slot Canyon Large Format Photograph
Slot Canyon Photography by Valerie Hayken

Antelope Canyon Large Format Photograph


Antelope Canyon is actually 2 separate slot canyons that were formed from flood waters rushing over Navajo Sandstone. These slot canyons are in a Navajo Tribal Park in the LeChee (Lichii’ii) Chapter.

The two slot canyons are a couple of miles away from each other and, although they’re made of the same Sandstone, they are each unique. Tse’ bighanilini (also called Upper Antelope Canyon) means ‘the place where water runs through rocks.’ It’s a wide, fairly straight canyon; and the shorter slot canyon of the two. Hasdestwazi (also called Lower Antelope Canyon) means ‘spiral rock arches.’ Not only is this slot canyon much narrower, but it also twists and turns throughout its length.

Sunlight streams through the open ‘ceiling’ of the slot canyons and constantly changes the colors and shades of sandstone. Colors range from yellows to firey and bright oranges to deep purples. The twists, angles and turns of the canyon walls reflect different amounts of light and provide limitless inspiration.

This photograph was taken with a large format, 4×5 camera making a large positive that can greatly enlarged without compromising sharpness or clarity.

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