Shrimp on Azure Vase Sponge with Brittle Star
Coral shrimp on an azure vase sponge with a brittle star

Shrimp on Azure Vase Sponge with Brittle Star


I have a print of this Azure Vase Sponge hanging in my home and when we have non-SCUBA divers over, the question is always the same, “What IS that?” This is looking down on an Azure Vase Sponge with the arms of a Brittlestar coming from inside the vase and wrapping around the sponge. On the outside of the Azure Vase Sponge, there are three Coral Shrimps. Look at the bottom of the photograph, near the center to see one of the Coral Shrimps looking directly at the camera.

This is a good illustration of why it’s so great to take your time underwater and really examine every square foot. This one sponge is home to 4 other creatures in this photograph and I’m sure there were even more that aren’t showing. If you swim too fast, you’ll miss all these little details.

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