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Control Depth of Field in Your Photographs

Control Depth of Field in Your Photographs

Depth of field is one of the most important aspects of creating fine art photographs. The exposure triangle teaches us that we can adjust our shutter speed and our ISO to balance any changes we make to our Aperture, enabling us to create our desired depth of field. There are times, though, when you’ll find
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Shutter Priority

What is Shutter Priority and How to Use Shutter Priority

Last week, we talked about Aperture Priority. Now, let’s look at Shutter Priority. Shutter Priority enables you to set your shutter speed while the in camera meter will continually change your aperture (f/stop) to achieve a good exposure. This setting could be helpful for a variety of reasons. Suppose you’re shooting sports, your kids playing,
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Painting with Light

Painting with Light

Last week we talked a little about how to make flash photography fun. Eric Paré, Patrick Rochon and Timecode Lab have certainly done that with their LightSpin project. This is so totally cool.

The Sunny 16 Rule and Other Camera Exposure Rules

The Sunny 16 Rule and Other Camera Exposure Rules

The Sunny 16 Rule is not just a rule for your Grandfather’s generation. Learning these old photography rules will teach you how cameras and exposures work.

All About Lens Flare

Annular Eclipse Photo with Lens Flare

Lens flare can be an unplanned challenge when shooting, but it doesn’t have to ruin your photograph.

Exposure Bracketing

What is Bracketing in Photography?

Learn how to bracket exposures to ensure getting the best photograph.

5 Ways Depth of Field Preview Can Save Your Photograph

Depth of Field Preview

When composing a photograph, it’s important to know what elements are in focus and what aren’t. That’s where the Depth of Field preview button helps!

Add Depth to Your Photography

Adding Depth to Your Photography

Incorporating a secondary subject into the foreground of a photograph will add depth, interest and movement.

Tripod Tips

Using a Tripod with Photography

5 Quick Tips for using your camera tripod properly to prevent motion blur.

Camera Metering and 18% / Middle Grey

Camera meters and 18% Gray

Learn the differences in the types of meters on your camera and how to use them to get the perfect exposure.

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